Positive self-evaluation by means of life skill trainings and mentoring empowers girls and young mothers and helps them to change the way they think about themselves. © Rendel Freude/medica mondiale

medica mondiale’s Grants Program funds women-led organisations in war and conflict zones. medica mondiale provides support to women’s organisations working at the local, regional or national level to protect and promote the rights of women and girls affected by sexualised and gender based violence.

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The Istanbul Convention: An agreement on preventing and combatting violence against women and domestic violence

The Istanbul Convention is mentioned occasionally in newspaper articles on the issues of femicide, domestic violence, a shortage of safe houses for women or sexualised violence. But what exactly is the Istanbul Convention? Why does it have that...

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Mitarbeiterinnen von Medica Liberia tragen schwarze Kleidung zu Thurdays in Black.

Thursdays in Black

One thing is certain every Thursday when activist Carol Bowah in Liberia goes to work: she is dressed from head to foot in black. And she is not alone in this. All around the world, every Thursday people are dressing in black as a symbol of...

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Das Team der Frauenrechtsorganisation Medica Gjakova hat in einer Turnhalle Hygieneartikel zur Eindämmung von Covid 19 zusammengestellt.

COVID-19 has particularly drastic impacts on the life of women in crisis regions

Press release, June 17, 2020. International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict on June 19: The new coronavirus pandemic is making existing inequalities worse and exacerbating discrimination against women and girls in...

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Women, Peace, Security: “In reality, little has changed for those affected by violence.”

In a newly published Policy Briefing, medica mondiale joins other non-governmental organisations to call on the German government to uphold its promises regarding "Women, Peace and Security". Specifically, the women's rights organisation is...

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