26 June 2012

DR Congo: PAIF - Support for survivors of sexualized violence

Project cooperation in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo):medica mondiale has been collaborating with the Congolese women’s rights organization PAIF (Promotion et Appui aux Initiatives Féminines) since 2004. The organization provides support services specifically to women and girl survivors of rape in the Kivu provinces. PAIF provides emotional support and counselling as well as economic aid to the victims, and escorts them to hospitals, to the police, and to court. PAIF also educates families, communities, and institutions about violence against women, documents cases of sexualized violence, and advocates for the prosecution of the perpetrators.

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03 March 2012

DR Congo: REMAK - Medical care and start-up aid for survivors of sexualised violence

Project sponsorship in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, South KivuIn 2001 in Kamituga, a community in the province of South Kivu, a group of mothers founded the first women’s organisation REMAK (Regroupement des Mamans de Kamituga). Their goal is to support survivors of sexualised violence with medical care and psychosocial counselling. In addition the organisation advocates the social reintegration of these women, who are often outcast and ostracised, mediates between women rape victims, their husbands, and their families, and provides them with income-generating means in order to raise their self-esteem and their status in their families and communities.

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28 February 2012

Women, the elections and peace in the DR Congo

Times are particularly harsh once again in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). In this country elections do not constitute a moment of hope for democracy and change but rather signify a moment of terror and impunity, often leading to disastrous consequences – and this especially for women. Human Rights Watch reported 24 dead and about 100 seriously wounded civilians in the DRC in the two weeks that followed the elections which were held at the end of November 2011. Immaculée Birhaheka, a women’s rights activist and director of a Congolese women’s non-governmental organisation called PAIF (Promotion et Appui aux Initiatives Féminines), reported that most of those victims were women.

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01 February 2012

DR Congo: AFPDE - Medical aid for female rape victims

Project sponsorship in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, South KivuWith medica mondiale support, the Congolese women’s organisation AFPDE (Association des Femmes pour la Promotion et le Développement Endogène) is able to provide medical care to women in Kaniola, a community in the province of South Kivu. AFPDE helps with the payment for operations and medication, and also ensures that women receive psychosocial support. Around 950 survivors of sexualised violence have been able to obtain medical and psychosocial help since 2008 thanks to medica mondiale.

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08 June 2010

medica mondiale appalled at the murder of the Congolese Human Rights Activist

On June 2, 2010, the Congolese Human Rights Activist Floribert Chebeya Bahizire was found dead in a car in the capital Kinshasa with his hands tied. In the past the director of the Organization La Voix des Sans-Voix (Voice of those without voice) had worked several times with Immaculée Birhaheka, who is at the helm of PAIF, which is the Congolese partner organisation of medica mondiale. „I am shocked at Chebeya’s murder and do hope that an independent investigation will determine the perpetrators“, Birhaheka said.

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02 April 2010

SEVOTA in Rwanda: Forum of hope

Project sponsorship in Kigali, Rwanda:During the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, an estimated 250,000 women and girls were raped and maimed, and many were killed. Quite a few have given birth to the children of the men who raped them, and as a result they are struggling not only with the consequences of violence, war, and destruction, but also with feelings of guilt and rejection towards their unwanted daughters and sons.

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