20 March 2017

Women’s rights heroine from Liberia: “I am good at motivating other women.”

Theresa Dunbar has been working for almost ten years as a psychosocial counsellor at medica Liberia. This “normal village woman” is now responsible for three districts in Sinoe, a region in south-eastern Liberia, and is helping to shape the struggle to improve women’s rights. Lena Reul from medica mondiale spoke with her during...

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13 March 2017

Women’s rights heroine from Uganda: Grace Arach

At the end of the civil war, Grace Arach set up an independent women’s rights organisation in Uganda. For ten years her organisation has been patching up part of the post-war society by strengthening women and families. How did the impressive young woman manage to retain her energy and smile as she faced many difficulties and...

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18 January 2017

Series "heroines promoting women's rights": Elisabeth Selbert (1896-1986)

In Germany the principle of equality has been anchored in the constitution since 1948. However, the principle was not originally in the Basic Law: its inclusion was largely due to the recalcitrance of one woman, Elisabeth Selbert. She was a lawyer from Kassel and one of the four women in the Parliamentary Council who were later...

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21 December 2016

Monika Hauser on the occasion of the year's end: What is essential to live a good life?

A little while ago I was preparing a public talk on the issue: “What do humans need?” At first glance there seemed to be many ways to answer it. What do I need as a citizen? What do I need as a friend? What is essential to my role as a mother? And what are the requirements in my work as a peacemaker? What does a professional...

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18 November 2016

Evaluation Northern Uganda: to strengthened women`s rights in future

In 2007, medica mondiale started supporting the Ugandan organisation Foundation for Women Affected by Conflict (FOWAC). The organisation works with former child soldiers, young mothers, widows and other survivors, who are all affected by violence and still suffering from the years of civil war. In 2014 a comprehensive project...

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02 November 2016

Triumfeminate: Three women at the head of medica mondiale

Press Release: Cologne, November 2, 2016. As of November 1, three women are in charge of the women’s rights organisation medica mondiale. The founder and Executive Board Member Monika Hauser is joined by Elke Ebert, previously Head of the Finance and Administration Department, and the former Regional Officer for Iraq and Syria,...

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