13 July 2017

Trauma Work: Strong and self-confident

Many people, who have been forced to flee war and violence, have had traumatic experiences. To deal with these experiences, they need good social connections, a safe environment and supporters, who act with caution. In 2016, medica mondiale trained around 200 specialists and volunteers working with the refugee community in its...

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30 June 2017

Women as a Key to Integration

Accepting an invitation from German Member of Parliament Gabriela Heinrich, on June 26, 2017, Sybille Fezer, Managing Director at medica mondiale, travelled to Strasbourg for a hearing at the Council of Europe. The meeting served to inform members of the Equality and Non-Discrimination Committee as part of the topic “Migration...

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05 May 2017

Video: Tips for refugee women from refugee women

They fled to Germany some years ago. Now the women who made the film "Hand in Hand with Women" are turning to the women refugees who have just arrived in the country. The film offers them important tips and guidance on how to live a more self-determined life and to integrate in German society successfully. (English Video with German subtitles)

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28 April 2017

Women’s rights heroine Helene Batemona-Abeke: Empowerment from Cologne

The current usage of the term ‘empowerment’ is relatively new, having its origins in the 1980s. And in the 90s, as the Spice Girls were proclaiming the related feminist slogan ‘girl power’ throughout the world, Helene Batemona-Abeke came from Kenya to Germany. Her professional life is certainly a story of helping others gain...

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20 March 2017

Blog interview with Sybille Fezer: “A lack of prospects leads to a high level of violence against women and children.”

The blogger Katharina Lotter wanted to learn more about rape as a weapon of war and to know what long-term help for women in northern Iraq could look like, so she interviewed Sybille Fezer, Managing Director of medica mondiale.

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18 January 2017

Series "heroines promoting women's rights": Elisabeth Selbert (1896-1986)

In Germany the principle of equality has been anchored in the constitution since 1948. However, the principle was not originally in the Basic Law: its inclusion was largely due to the recalcitrance of one woman, Elisabeth Selbert. She was a lawyer from Kassel and one of the four women in the Parliamentary Council who were later...

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