13 October 2017

Women and girls in northern Iraq: Refuge found, but still far from safety

The conflicts in Syria and Iraq continue. Even the liberation of the occupied city of Mosul does not mean the battles in the region are over. More than 3.4 million people are displaced within Iraq, having fled from war and terror. The majority of these are now in the Kurdish Autonomous Region. These are joined by a further...

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20 March 2017

Blog interview with Sybille Fezer: “A lack of prospects leads to a high level of violence against women and children.”

The blogger Katharina Lotter wanted to learn more about rape as a weapon of war and to know what long-term help for women in northern Iraq could look like, so she interviewed Sybille Fezer, Managing Director of medica mondiale.

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21 December 2016

Monika Hauser on the occasion of the year's end: What is essential to live a good life?

A little while ago I was preparing a public talk on the issue: “What do humans need?” At first glance there seemed to be many ways to answer it. What do I need as a citizen? What do I need as a friend? What is essential to my role as a mother? And what are the requirements in my work as a peacemaker? What does a professional...

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06 October 2016

Berlin: Global Peacebuilder Summit unites Peace Activists

Recently, 30 peacemakers from all over the world came together in Paretz, near Berlin, for the first Global Peacebuilder Summit. The invitations were issued by the Culture Counts Foundation to take part in a 5-day programme on the role of civil society in peace processes. Among the participants was Monika Hauser, who was the...

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05 August 2016

OSCE Conference: “Inspiring yet sobering”

Recently, Monika Hauser, the founder of medica mondiale, attended a conference organised by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna, participating in a discussion on strategies for combating violence against women. The heart of Monika Hauser’s message can be summarised as: “Fine words are no...

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29 April 2016

Iraq: Women’s centre in Halabja gives strength to displaced women – supported by medica mondiale

Fleeing from the war in Syria and attacks by the terrorist militia “Islamic State”, since 2014 more than 1.2 million refugees from Syria and internally displaced people from Iraq have found refuge in the autonomous region of Kurdistan. Many of the displaced women and girls have experienced sexualised violence and they are still...

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