Bosnia-Herzegovina: In April 1993, together with Bosnian female psychologists and doctors, Monika Hauser opened the women's therapy centre Medica Zenica - the first centre of its kind. The centre provided targeted support to women and girls who had been systematically raped, tortured and imprisoned during the Yugoslavian wars. The staff in Bosnia-Herzegovina have been carrying out this work as an independent organisation since 2003.

Kosovo: Shortly after the end of the war, in 1999 medica mondiale opened an interdisciplinary women's centre in rural Gjakova. Today, the centre continues to provide comprehensive support for women raped during the war, with advice and programmes to help them secure their livelihood in agricultural self-help groups. Medica Kosova became an independent women's rights organisation in 2003.

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Sabiha Husi? in a black jacket with a red headscarf, she is wearing glasses.

Sabiha Husic, Director of Medica Zenica

A woman is leaning on a desk, she is making a telephone call. In front of her on the desk there is a computer and a fax machine. On the wall there is a poster against domestic violence advertising the SOS hotline number.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Counselling and assis...

Five women in a hairdressing salon. Two of them are sitting in chairs with towels draped over their shoulders. Their hair is being cut by two young women and a third woman is giving them instructions.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Training increases co...

A young woman is standing at an ironing board, on her left there is an iron. In front of her there is a denim bag on the ironing board and in the background we see a tailor’s mannequin with a dress.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Paths to a profession

Five women, including Monika Hauser, talking in front of the gynaecological clinic.

Kosovo: Gynaecological clinic on wheels

A woman wearing beekeeping clothing is standing in front of a wall made of coarse stone. She is holding two honeycomb frames from a hive and further hives are stacked in front and to the side of her.

Kosovo: Beekeeping

A woman in front of a meadow, her hand rests on the head of a red pied dairy cow. In the background there are more cows grazing.

Kosovo: Co-operative for female farmers

Two women in a tailor’s workshop, the woman on the left is inspecting some work. The woman sitting on the right of the picture is holding a length of cloth. In the background there are several sewing machines.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Achieving results tog...