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Empower Women Now - Conference

“Strengthened efforts are urgently required during the next months to ensure that the reparation scheme for survivors of sexualised violence is implemented in Kosovo”, demands Linda Sada, director of Media Gjakova, a women’s rights organization...

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Women’s rights heroine Helene Batemona-Abeke: Empowerment from Cologne

The current usage of the term ‘empowerment’ is relatively new, having its origins in the 1980s. And in the 90s, as the Spice Girls were proclaiming the related feminist slogan ‘girl power’ throughout the world, Helene Batemona-Abeke came from...

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Blog interview with Sybille Fezer: “A lack of prospects leads to a high level of violence against women and children.”

The blogger Katharina Lotter wanted to learn more about rape as a weapon of war and to know what long-term help for women in northern Iraq could look like, so she interviewed Sybille Fezer, Managing Director of medica mondiale.

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Burundi: Defying the increase in violence

After ten generally peaceful years, the security situation in the post-war country of Burundi began to deteriorate drastically in 2015. Political crises usually have a negative impact on women’s rights. So how can women’s rights organisations...

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